“Glasgow Underground released Ludo Lacoste second record and we know why. One more Time is the right title for this house beauty. A pefect tool for all moments for that kind of vibes djs, solid production and cheerful soulful vibes,luch hats and sweet vocals, all the right elements for become this a classic for the genre, it allready sounds like been allready despite is a fresh release.”

Hailing from Montreal’s electronic underground, Canadian artist Ludovic Lacoste, now known as Ludo Lacoste, has been producing music and performing in various North American clubs, festivals and venues for well over a decade. Passionate and driven, Ludo strives to create emotional landscapes with his music.

Authenticity and sincerity are the foundation of his production work. As the world paused in 2020 due to the covid 19 pandemic, Ludo continued to work hard on fine tuning and perfecting his craft while shifting his area of focus from the dance floor to the studio, creating his best new music to date.

In only his 2nd year as a producer and with his first single “Freedom” on UK’s Cr2 Records already under his belt, 2020 has been a busy time for Ludo, securing and completing releases for labels such as Toolroom, Glasgow Underground, Solotoko and Love & Other, to name a few.

Wether he is headlining a small downtown club or supporting a top tier act in a concert venue or performing at a larger open air festival, Ludo works relentlessly to deliver shivers to music lovers, helping them lose themselves on the dance floor.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
October 12, 2020

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