Maceo Frost – Failing to Meditate (Spotify)

“Feel what you have inside. Feel the waves of goose bumps and a lump in your throat. This new composition Failing to Meditate, now it is within you. Music of Maceo Frost is not just a part of your soul, it is its whole now.”

“Почувствуйте, что у вас внутри. Почувствуйте волны мурашек и ком в вашем горле. Чувствуете? Это новая композиция Failing to Meditate, теперь она внутри вас. Музыка Maceo Frost не часть вашей души, она её целое.”

Artist shared with us few words behind this song:

The first time I tried meditation I felt panic. My mind, couldn’t find peace. I didn’t get it. I was bummed I signed up for a 3-day meditation course because now I had to commit. After 3 days I managed to hack the system by shutting my brain off. Basically falling asleep without anyone in the Yoga shala noticing. I felt thankful like: I'm so lucky I’m not a snorer.

However, I remember landing a kickflip down a curb first try while skateboarding home from the last day. Wow! Somehow I had more balance and control. Second attempt, I flicked the board effortlessly and catched it as if it was nothing.

I could hear the catch of the board gripping my shoes mid-air. Only to realise I catched it sideways, landing, a little bit too fast. Effortlessly giving blood to concrete basically.

When given the chance to slow down, why do I still look for loopholes and distractions to avoid feeling what's going on inside?

It was around this time I started playing piano.

It started off as a kind of challenge to see if I could learn something I thought I had no talent for. Maybe if I could prove myself wrong I’d realize that anything is possible. After about a year, playing became less focused on improvement and naturally became a sort of meditation to help me process life. Songs started coming to me as if from a magical place, often with deep insight, goosebumps and tears. They helped keep my mind sane during my tireless quest to prove myself as a film director to the world, whether it was an airport piano or a hotel lobby piano on my next film gig, or home, in my kitchen with the lights dimmed. It helped bring me back when I was burned out and depressed from selling too much of my soul to the commercial world.

From now on I promise to share this music with you. Hoping that just maybe... it will help you connect to yourself as these songs did to me. They all came to me at certain times in my life, helping me get through wherever I was at the time.

”Failing to Meditate” is my first piano single, A homage to these moments of escapism, Reminding me to stay humble when preaching about mental health.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on February 24, 2021