“The light rustle of the needle on the vinyl plate very competently tunes on the atmosphere of serenity and tranquility. Charm in the ocean of sounds and melody Retro Soul and vocals -Maddy Brown-. She successfully managed to combine tenderness with charisma, thanks to this, her feelings are very subtly transmitted to the listener.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Лёгкий шорох иглы по виниловой пластинке очень грамотно настраивает на атмосферу безмятежности и спокойствия. Очарование в океане звуков и мелодии Retro Soul и вокала -Maddy Brown-. Она удачно сумела соединить нежность с харизмой, благодаря этому очень тонко передаются её чувства слушателю.”


“Wiser” is an autobiographical song and narrative which details finding your footing post-breakup, recognizing your growth and worth, and ultimately becoming empowered to be straightforward and voice your emotions. The song is centered around Maddy’s personal experience of coming to terms with the truth that her long-term relationship was not the right fit for her. “Wiser” is a representation of recognizing her needs within a relationship, as Maddy openly expresses her repressed feelings and honors her experience through her songwriting process.

Maddy’s raw and straight-to-the-point lyricism, masterful vocal control and delivery, and soulful R&B-centric production reflect the wide range of genres that have influenced her music throughout her life. With two more singles in the pipeline, “Wiser” is just a prelude to the sonic direction in her upcoming 6-track pop-infused R&B debut EP, slated to release in Summer 2022.


“I hope people can take ‘Wiser’ as their own source of empowerment. Voice how you feel, recognize your worth, and be empowered to have high expectations for those who end up having the privilege to be in your life.”

-Maddy Brown