Maffmatix x Keivyn Graves x Atiya – Experience

“Loving the vibe here, so good, whole atmosphere is set up great. Vocals are great, specially hers, beautifully produced and that guitar solo, just amazing, layers in it, every details feels good. The last but not the least, love that LL Cool J – Phenomenon homage they did. ”

This one is classic hip-hop. Keivyn Graves, an MC from New York City & American born, Thai MC/DJ Maffmatix let the world know they are here in style. Atiya, a beautiful half-Thai/British singer serenades us on the chorus with a gritty radio effect, and the song closes out with an achingly beautiful guitar solo from Californian guitarist Kyle Fryar. This song is so catchy it hurts!

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 1, 2022