“Slow steady beats of downtempo atmosphere and progressive house ideas. The perfect symbiosis and cocktail recipe has the title; -Make People Happy-. Do you want to quench your thirst? -Matteblack- tells you how!”

“Медленные, ломаные ритмы downtempo и нагнетающая атмосфера progressive house - идеальный симбиоз и рецепт коктейля под названием -Make People Happy-. Желаете утолить жажду? -Matteblack- подскажет как!”

Matteblack a music from Nottngham/U.K. Originally from a grime and hip hop background he seamlessly transitioned to dance music combining elements from deep house, melodic techno and progressive house through these genres he has excelled, progressing rapidly due to his inexhaustible imagination. It is in his appreciation for great music that makes him stand out, he understand the importance of well produced music and what it can do for people.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 4, 2021

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