Megan and Shane – Put Me Down

“Do you feel how one of your legs begins to beat off the floor on the floor of this Country music rhythm? -Megan and Shane- are able to attract listeners in beautiful, melodic networks of their good and mental music!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Чувствуете, как одна из ваших ног начинает отбивать об пол этот заводной ритм Country музыки? -Megan and Shane- умеют завлечь слушателей в красивые, мелодичные сети своей доброй и душевной музыки!”

A slightly tongue in cheek song that uses Dumbledore's death as a metaphor for a dying relationship.George Jones & Tammy Wynette. Loretta & Conway. Gram & Emmylou. Johnny & June. The power of classic country duets resides deep in the bloodstream of Nashville new-arrivals Megan and Shane Baskerville as they prepare to release their latest singles “Oh Hell” & “Put Me Down” (out 7/14). These songs are a couple of light-hearted romps set to follow up their more serious and critically adored LP Daughter of Country, which garnered them a nomination for best roots band at No Depression.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 22, 2022