Mercury XII – Tripping Forever

“"Tripping Forever" is a bright example of R&B production from a young artist. Clear quality of sound and cleverly arranged vocals, presented in a cosy atmosphere. Its slow pace and popping beat will also keep you there until the last second.”

Artist said about this song:

"Wrote this while medicating in the studio, once the beat's jazzy vibrancies and sexy appeal hit me, it felt like the perfect song to release after my previous single called ''On a Trip'' which also runs for 3:33' for contrast.

The song hopes to bring the audience in a flow that resonates with the listener through the artist's introspective lyricism while providing a dreamy setting where one's imagination can run wild, whether its for relaxing, creating or simply being in your bedroom where a neon vibe would enhance your experience.

Mercury XII is an independent artist in his early 20s from Cyprus with a primary focus on a mix of modern experimentation with the hip-hop rap genre, often accompanied by light psychedelic visuals or sounds."

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 16, 2022