MESSERGEIST – Innermantra (Video)

“Our soul is designed not only to hear, feel and understand the world, but also to energize our bodies and minds. The new track Innermantra by Messergeist is a breath of pure energy. Solid production! ”

“Наша душа предназначена не только для того, чтобы слышать, чувствовать и понимать мир, но также ещё и для подпитки энергией наши тела и разум. Новый трек Innermantra – глоток чистой энергии.”

New track from Messergeist, released on Vision Vol.2 compilation by Bring New Unity records. Really melodic and groovy track, with meditative vibes and Indian chants. A mix between progressive house and melodic techno, with strong kick, deep and wide bass, ethereal sitar and plucky melodies. Without being too long, the song is evolving into some trippy vibes while keeping the groove all along.

Melodic tech house, sometimes a bit lunatic. Travelling through light, darkness, hope and despair, Messergeist’s music is a journey towards the soul of a twisted mind.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 27, 2020