Michelle Welchons – Flickering Lights (Spotify)

“If the music is able to float like a boat on the waves of its listener, then this is what -Michelle Welchons- achieves in this single. These cute vocals and fabulous melody of Jazz, can please our heart and soul from the very beginning to the end.”

“Если музыка способна раскачивать словно лодку на волнах своего слушателя, то это с лёгкостью делает -Michelle Welchons- в своём сингле. Ласкающий слух вокал, сказочная и такая милая, добрая мелодия джаза радуют сердце и душу от самого начала и до конца.”


Flickering Lights is an original composition about the infinity of life and having hope even in times of loss and grief - even when we lose loved ones, they are still with us and we, too, will one day return.. It is sensitive and contemplative while also grooving. Gabrielle Cavassa's luxurious vocals are supported by a string section and a strong bossa/samba feel that gives way to a meditative and climactic conclusion. The track also features West African guitar lines and a soaring piano solo. I will be releasing a music video as well.


Reviewed by Nagamag on January 7, 2022

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