“When all the instruments are in right places, you have an ideally mix balance. The guitars sound, the percussion rustling on the ear, the rhythm-section's crazy vocals which excites the imagination. -Miguel Pregueiro- knows how to control fantastic the sound.”

“Когда все инструменты на своих местах, сохранён идеальный баланс общего микса, гитары звучат, перкуссия шелестит на ушко, ритм-секция сводит с ума, а вокал будоражит фантазию. -Miguel Pregueiro- удалось провести огромную работу над звуком, за что ему низкий поклон!”


"Loco" is one of the two new singles that were released Friday, 30 April. These sexy-new afro-inspired Latin beats are the latest in Miguel’s releases with overseas producers Roc-Legion and Ramoon Musica. “When I first started in the industry, I had no idea what kind of music I wanted to make and I tried to change according to what I thought people wanted to hear," Miguel explains, 'But now I feel like I have really started to find my sound and I am happy with the direction I am going in with it,”.