Mikael Oterhals – Waves (Video)

“The End of The Beginning by Mikael Oterhals, is a well performed and right recorded solo piano, which unfolds its emotive story into more faster tempo style playing. Gently dynamics with a bit of nostalgia within. ”


Waves is a piano piece written and performed by the Swedish pianist and composer Mikael Oterhals. It’s from his EP “The End of the Beginning” released on June 19th 2020 containing four piano pieces. Mikael Oterhals mostly write classical music, but with influence from other styles as well. You can hear the influence from Pop Music throughout the entire EP. The EP is about love, mostly the tough part of love, and therefore the music is often melancholy and heartbreaking but with a touch of hopefulness and a strive to better times!


Reviewed by Nagamag on November 4, 2020