Mike Vallas – Train (Spotify)

“Mixing beats with a beautiful melody, which plunge you into feelings of freedom and adventure. Picturing ideally the moment of staring outside the window of our car during travelling. You can breathe in this the smell of summer and romance!”

“Смешивая биты с прекрасной мелодией мы окунаемся в чувства свободы и приключений. Идеальная картина за окном проезжающего автомобиля в котором мы путешествуем. Можно вдохнуть этот запах лета и романтики!”


Off the back of recent hit singles like “Take A Pill” and “The Other Side” the Austrian 'TikTok-Millionaire' Mike Vallas is returning to grace the airwaves with a new, highly infectious single. His latest track, entitled “Train”, written & produced by himself and mixed and mastered by renowned sound engineer Nikodem Milewski (Felix Jaehn, Robin Schulz, Sam Smith) is a curious song which blends love-sick lyrics with a spirit of adventure and an ultra-uplifting beat - the perfect antidote to an autumn we’ll mostly experience indoors and away from our loved ones (for obvious reasons).

However you want to interpret this mysterious song, it’s hard not to enjoy Vallas’ expressive storytelling and larger than life stage persona. His talents have gathered him more than 1.1 Million TikTok followers, 220k on Instagram and over 150k monthly listeners on streaming platforms. His last single “The Other Side” reached top 40 airplay in Austria and was placed in more than 20 renowned international playlists. With "The Other Side" and now "Train", Vallas' ability to craft melodies that lodge themselves in your brain is undeniable and we're sure you'll be humming them in no time.

Reviewed by Nagamag on November 7, 2020