Misaïdu – Full Scale Sf Action (Spotify)

“Misaidu offer a generous mix of exclusively electronic sounds. Experimenting with Psydub ideas and some Chill out elements, "Full Scale SF Action" has come to feed our imagination. The variety of wave vibrations is remarkable and every second seems unpredictable too!”


Full Scale SF Action is a breakbeat single that leads the listener into a futuristic atmosphere. It combines synthesizer, rhodes and zither samples, kicked by an heavy rhythmic section ! The track is built as a journey that ends with an overing last part.


A fraternal duo created by Thomas and Nicolas Beau, Misaidu stands out with its hybrid music. Through "Tiger Lily" and "How To Change", featured on U.BABA Vol.1, and a single titled "Half Light", we discover a generous and powerful sound, with multiple influences, sonorities and textures. This is no accident.

On the influences side of things, both brothers have bathed into the CDs, cassettes or vinyls of their parents. Quickly, they became independent music lovers and soaked up many genres ranging from hip hop to metal, from house to jazz and IDM.

The variety of processes sculpts the landscape of Misaidu’s music. The duo mixes sampling, analog and digital synthesis, drum machines and acoustic instruments such as bass or piano. The result is a colorful and bewitching electronic music and the duo wishes first and foremost to share their emotions and love for electronic music.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 20, 2021