Jessie Spartano – Are You Mad? (Spotify)

“Do you prefer Hip-Hop? If yes, this is far from the usual sound. Stunning vocal performance from a female artist who has the ability to shape the sound of her voice! Are you mad? Warning; This track is possible to drive you crazy.”

Already drawing the attention of A&R's around the country for singles due to come out later this year, Jessie Spartano is starting to earn lofty comparisons being called "the female version of NF." Jessie wants to be a female representative for rappers that addresses deeper topics than some of her female rapping peers. This first song "Are You Mad," is doing exactly that. Mental health spans from anxiety, to self-hate, to suicidal thoughts. It can silently creep into so many of our lives. The best way to fight these so-often unaddressed killers is to bring these conversations and thought into the open. This is Jessie's attempt to do so in her life.

Reviewed by Nagamag on March 20, 2021