“If they knew what the comfort of complete silence, harmony and unity with its soul enchants in this song. Listen to the call of your heart, it will always tell you the right path and let this speaker melody Indie Folk help you in search of truth.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если бы знали, какой в этой песне чарует уют полной тишины, гармонии и единения со своей душой. Прислушайтесь к зову своего сердца, оно всегда подскажет вам верный путь и пусть эта акустическая мелодия Indie Folk поможет вам в поисках истины.”


“Still My Father’s Son” is a confessional folk song about Mitchell Makoons’ relationship with his father. After graduating high-school, Mitchell’s parents went through a divorce. After the divorce, his father decided to distance himself from Mitchell and the rest of his family. Although Mitchell is disappointed with the loss of this relationship, he still carries all the things his father taught him and all the memories they made together.