“Does music heal? Oh yeah! Does she heal lonely, empty souls? Yes! And musicians and performers like Monc have a unique flair that helps them hit the right strings of our soul. Check out his new album, Sweet Songs of Survival. Healing is already on your doorstep.”

“Музыка лечит? О, да! Она исцеляет одинокие, опустевшие души? Да! И такие музыканты и исполнители, как Monc обладают уникальным чутьём, которое помогает им нажимать на нужные струны нашей души. Послушайте его новый альбом Sweet Songs of Survival. Исцеление уже на пороге вашего дома.”

Heart-wrenching and immersive, Sam Newton's new single 'Ground Me' paints a soundscape of longing. The track builds upon a foundation of acoustic guitar, elepian electric keyboard, pedal steel and theremin to support a lyrical yearning for normality and satisfaction.

The song represents a new creative freedom for Newton, as he continues to experiment with unique instrumentation, production and arrangement in his newly completed home studio.

Sydney country-folk songwriter Sam Newton is an artist who has clearly studied the greats, listening to and learning the meticulous craft of combining words and melody, mood and emotion, with raw and poetic honesty.

Newton is now three albums (Set in Stone, Violet Road, Stare Into The Dark) deep into his career and since the release of his first EP nearly a decade ago, he’s played a plethora of shows through NSW, QLD and VIC – in bars, pubs and on festival stages (Dashville Skyline, Tamworth Country Music Festival, Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival, Newtown Festival, Cully Fest) and been featured in Rhythms magazine (Nov/Dec 2016), Australia’s leading roots music print publication.

Whether solo or with his band, it’s the songs that take centre-stage, delivered with that high and lonesome voice that can equally convey fractured emotions and assured resilience as he sings about subjects such as infatuation, mental health and relationships – both damaged and on the ascent.

Fans of artists such as Townes Van Zandt, Wilco, Willie Nelson and Paul Simon will find much to admire in the music of Sam Newton. From recording albums to playing shows, filming videos and streaming live songs, he’s the epitome of the modern troubadour.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 16, 2021

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