“Not all things are truly important in this life and we tend to spend our time in vain. The artist here makes one step forward by underlining the happiness of own creation. Catchy Alt Pop sound and lyrics of true meaning which can quickly attract every attention.”


Artist said about this song:

"Clearer is simply a song about having a clearer state of mind about your value as a person and what you contribute to this life and universe. "Getting rid of all the white noise" is really just shutting off the fears, the critics, and following your inner calling to do what gives you joy. The bridge, where I sing "All this time, I could've shone my own light" expresses just a tinge of regret for all the time we lose worrying about things so much that we don't just go ahead and try them. For every success there are a thousand failures. That's so damn true of song writing especially....you just have to keep trying and working and working at it until you get better. This song is a reminder to me of the times I listened to the final mix of a song while hiking, then jumped in the air with joy. That is a gift and pleasure not everyone gets to experience. It doesn't matter if anyone else likes the song because you still got so much joy from it having been born, you still contributed art of your own to the world."