Neil Friedlander – Love Is a Ripple on a Lake

Neil Friedlander – Love Is a Ripple on a Lake (Spotify)

“'Love is a Ripple on a Lake’ is a song about letting go and moving on. I was holding onto the pain of the past for so long that it was starting to make me forget myself. Deep down though, a voice of truth was guiding me. I had to be truly alone to know it, but love will see you through.”
Aviv Meshulam produces the track with a gentle touch. Draped over a bass line reminiscent of a 50’s groove, the steady percussions, Japanese-inspired synths, and beachy electric guitars give it an atmosphere of laid-back 80’s warmth. The song is an alt-pop meditation, with Neil’s voice coolly navigating the calmness and at other times soaring breakthrough of realisation.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 5, 2020

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