Niko Marks – No Fairy (Spotify)

Facing forwards and backwards at the same time is a tricky production skill in House music. Those that know the roots of the genre well but also keep a close ear to the ground on modern movements and trends are able to work a magic formula in the studio that results in a product that could be from 1990 or 2020. Niko Marks has one of those brains that knows this and executes it with precision in his work and ‘No Fairy’ – a four track EP is a classic example of how to stay loyal to House music whilst keeping things fresh. Keeping the Detroit flag flying high and proud, Niko continues to pump out a sound that’s timeless and fully loaded with that magic vibe that this genre was built on.

Lead track ‘No Fairy’ is an upbeat and danceable number that locks down a classic House groove over a beautiful piano chord progression that slips and slides in and out of focus with some crafty phasing FX. The throwback percussive elements are right on time and unmistakably sourced from the iconic Roland drum kits that helped to inspire the genre. The upbeat string sections and switch in key turn ‘No Fairy’ into a wonky dreamlike dancefloor weapon. This is proper House music done with style and skill.

‘Carry Me’ is on the flip-side, but could easily have been a lead track by itself. Trina grabs the mic and takes to the skies with a glorious vocal that takes you away whilst Niko Marks provides a very well put together instrumental that’s right in tune with his classy style of old-meets-new House music. Niko’s ongoing production line shows us another reason why he’s a man to be keeping a close eye and ear on.

If you’re looking for something hypnotic, you’re covered by the Cheerios Mix of ‘No Fairy Tale Love’ which emits a more experimental and psychedelic atmosphere through a stack of synths that fly up and down the frequency spectrum with a neat rhythmic section. Should you wish to get lost in the music and be taken to another place through sonic goodness – this is the mix for you.

Wrapping up the EP we’re back in the capable hands of Niko Marks as he lays down a piano driven remix of ‘No Fairy Tale Love’ that fuses together vocal samples from the original over a series of strings and synths that take the mid-range through a journey as the squelchy bassline provides the foundations in the sub frequencies.

U2XProductions know how to keep us well fed with quality electronic music that touches the mind and soul. This latest effort from Niko Marks should and will take a proud place on the discography of this label which has provided us with so many memorable moments.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on August 19, 2020

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