One Rock State – New Way (Spotify)

“One Rock State is a project of musician and producer Vyacheslav Kudryashov, familiar to many of you from the famous Fast Foot. This is not surprising, because his endless energy is enough for the endless realization of his talents in two worlds. New Way consumed us. Are you ready for this? Click start.”

“One Rock State - проект музыканта и продюсера Вячеслава Кудряшова, знакомый многим из вас по знаменитому Fast Foot. Это и неудивительно, ведь его нескончаемой энергетики хватает на бесконечную реализацию его талантов в двух мирах. New Way нас поглотил. А вы готовы к этому? Нажмите старт.”

One Rock State - it is a project founded in late 2011.

The project was founded by a young and ambitious DJ,
musician and promoter Vyacheslav Kudryashov, one of the founders of the Fast Foot project, as
well as his partner Kirill Kozlov (qeereell).

After some time, Vyacheslav left the project and Kirill kept the project until the time when his level of writing music reached a good sound.

And a few years later, he released a new track the New way. It can be considered a rebirth of the project and the beginning of a new Techno movement!

The release also includes an outstanding Remix by popular musician Stan Kolev.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 13, 2021