Ori Dagan – Would You Swing My Way?

“It is amazing how music can affect the mood and control it, like a pilot by an airplane. One of these wizards -ori Dagan- introduces you to his new, jazz composition and twitching the strings of your soul sets you up on a positive wave.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Удивительно, как музыка может влиять на настроение и управлять им, словно пилот самолётом. Один из таких волшебников -Ori Dagan- знакомит вас со своей новой, джазовой композицией и дёргая струны вашей души настраивает вас на позитивную волну.”


From Jazz singer/songwriter Ori Dagan’s new album “Click Right Here”. “Would You swing My Way” is s swinging 21st-century tale of romantic uncertainty in the age of texting vs. ghosting


Reviewed by Nagamag on July 13, 2022