“"Ataraxia" belongs to a higher level of reality. Organic House based on guitar magical strings and inspired by rock ideas. Ideal for selective listeners who seek for the true sound art. The track that can alter the way you see music.”

We are very excited to present Floating Consciousness a new EP by Pandhora including three pieces of music. It’s time to get into different states of consciousness to understand our human experience. This collection is a reminder of the fundamental goals of life: happiness, satisfaction and the absence of pain.

Aponia is the first track of this release. A progressive and downtempo sound experience that announces the beginning of this journey. With the voice of Sanguinello loaded with Soul characteristics it’s time to suppress the pain and focus on the stability of our delight.

The second track of this release Euthymia, is related to the calm phase found in the hard moments of our lives. From a mysterious groove, we get into a deep spiral of joy before we fall into the intense and emotional final drop. This track is uplift and euphoria in one place.

Finally, Ataraxia seeks to eliminate our disturbances and the banality of pleasures. Starting from an ethereal space, it evolves with the guitar atmospheres and some magical soundscapes until it reaches the climax through the guitar solo. This track is a fortress against adversity and a way to calm down our spirits.

Floating Consciousness is a sonic amulet that Pandhora gives us to find happiness and fulfilment. These three emotional states fill our desire to see happiness not only in ourselves but in others as well.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 3, 2021

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