Paul Caldwell – Written All over My Heart

“Fill the void in your heart with the help of a melody of this soft rock composition, in the text of which there are so many feelings, sincere emotions -paul caldwell- and a stream of important words from the heart itself. A great addition to your music collection!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Заполните пустоту в вашем сердце с помощью мелодии этой мягкой Rock композиции, в тексте которой так много чувств, искренних эмоций -Paul Caldwell- и поток важных слов от самого сердца. Отличное дополнение к вашему музыкальной коллекции!”

“Written All Over My Heart” is the uplifting, warm, and comforting new single by Paul Caldwell. It is about that feeling of fondly looking back at memories of loved ones to fill the void of a lonely traveler's heart.

“Written All Over My Heart” is soulful, inspiring, and full of love. “It’s about just looking up” when you are miles away from home and feeling that emptiness from missing someone. Paul knows this feeling all too well. Hailing from the rugged coastline town of Buncrana Co, Ireland, Paul has spent his fair share of time on the road.

Making new connections with people around the world is a magnificent experience, however, a small piece of your heart is left with those who have impacted you.

Paul wrote “Written All Over My Heart” on a flight back to Vancouver, high above the earth, and feeling that aching loneliness. “I had to reassure myself that somewhere, even in my darkest thoughts, there can be light”. There is hope and happiness in the thought that those most important to you will always leave an imprint on your heart. They will always feel like they are with you even when they are not.

Paul’s music is inspired by his early years in Ireland and Liverpool before moving to Vancouver, BC. He also finds inspiration from artists such as Ray La Montagne, Van Morrison, and Neil Young. Paul’s music is foot-tappingly soulful and honest, folk-rock music built on the foundation of traditional Irish folk and northern English rock bands.

“Written All Over My Heart” was produced by Paul Caldwell and Jeff Zipp at Light Machine Records and Hipposonic Studios, engineered by Jeff Zipp and Karl Dicaire and mastered by CPS Mastering. Accompanying Paul is Mike Young (Mother Mother) on bass, Leon Power (City and Colour) on drums, Benjamin Millman (maya & ben) on keys, Alvin Brendan on guitar, and Dawn Pemberton with backing vocals.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 12, 2022