“Receiving an ocean of music variety, and in beatless ambient styles like what Paul Cousins offers here sometimes is hard to define what worked more or less to catch your attention. Usually is the blend of harmonies, the story line which blended in a brilliant way together with a secret recipe from the artist. Same as many can follow the guidelines of a cooking recipe, yet few will reach the right taste. Here we feel that mesmerizing taste. A story line which through way and at end, left us with clean thoughts, total relaxed and a warm feeling about life. This is what a good ambient story can manage! ”

An Abstract Place’ is inspired by the spaces we’re taken to during immersive listening. The track was produced with analog synthesizers, half speed 1/4″ tape effects and digital samples. It’s designed for reflective moments, walking alone or soundtracking a journey.

The accompanying video by director Edward Harber is an atmospheric study of the eroding coastline at Happisburgh, Norfolk. The historic area has undergone a process of coastal erosion in recent years, leaving a familiar place hard to recognise for residents. As more homes surrender to the sea, the sense of abandonment through elemental change weighs upon the landscape. The film takes this displacement further, by contorting the environment into something wholly unfamiliar. Sand flats merge with water intertwined in rock and tide motions are reversed. As the track unfolds the fragility of the landscape becomes fluid, echoing the ocean’s relentless pull upon the cliffs.

The track’s artwork is a collaboration with digital artist Signalstarr, and inspired by Russian abstract minimalist Kazimir Malevich.

Paul Cousins is a producer & composer based in London. Recently featured in FACT magazine’s ‘Patch Notes’ series, he creates ambient soundscapes using analog synthesizers, samples & field recordings. In addition to producing for a diverse range of artists such as Muck Spreader, August Child & Night Games, his other studio credits include Luke Evans, FOURS and Makeup & Vanity Set.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 3, 2020

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