Paul Weinfield – For Kafka (Spotify)

“Melodic Folk with magnificent vocals filled with bright guitar patterns, soft drums and philosophical approach. Track that you can listen with pleasure. It can also bring peace in the mind and rest from the daily bustle.”

“Мелодичный фолк с великолепным вокалом, наполненный яркими гитарными партиями, мягкими ударными и философским подтекстом. Трек звучит приятно и ненавязчиво и диктует душе покоя, а уму — отдыха от будничной суеты.”

"For Kafka" is a song about love, desire, and non-possessiveness. It was written and performed by Paul Weinfield, with drums by Keith Robinson, New York City.

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 17, 2022