Phe R.E.D.S – Closer (Feat. Catch24) (Prod. Cha Cha Malone) (Video)

“High-quality R&B, beautifully combined with the artists’ vocal performance. Dynamic arrangement and professional mixing highlights this track, making it unique and unforgettable by all means.”

“Качественное R&B, которое красиво сочетается с мелодичностью исполнения вокалистов. Динамичная аранжировка и профессиональное сведение выделяет этот трек, делая его уникальным и незабываемым в своей нише.”

Phe R.E.D.S makes his return with new single, “Closer,” featuring fellow Seattle artist Catch24. Released today via H1GHR MUSIC, the R&B number captures the push and pull of a budding relationship. Written to mirror a conversation, “Closer” is the mix of emotions that comes with feeling out a crush and deciding where things stand. While Phe R.E.D.S offers the perspective of someone who is cautious and guarded after previous heartbreak and disappointment, Catch24 voices taking that leap of faith. The track is produced by label mate and close collaborator Cha Cha Malone and it is the teaser to a larger Phe R.E.D.S’ project release that’s in the pipeline for later this year.

Leng Phe, who goes by the stage name of Phe R.E.D.S, is a Cambodian-Chinese American music artist. He is signed to H1GHR MUSIC, an unconventional independent record label that focuses on unique talents from Seoul and Seattle. Discovered by founder Jay Park through Seattle’s local hip hop and break dancing scene, Phe R.E.D.S initially got into music because he didn’t see many who looked like him making music. His name, which is a combination of his surname and an acronym for “remember every dream stolen,” pays homage to his family, who were refugees from Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge. It serves as a reminder to discover one’s dreams and live them out for those who didn’t make it, in addition to striving to break generational curses. “I think I’m unique in the sense that I’m Cambodian-Chinese, signed to a Korean label, and pushing my music in America,” he shared. Since his debut with the single, “Smile,” in 2017, Phe R.E.D.S has released a string of records, including “Love On You” (Prod. GRAY), “Your Hands” (Feat. Jay Park) (Prod. GRAY), “Way 2 You” (Prod. Cha Cha Malone), “ Juice” (Feat. Hoody) (Prod. Mokyo) and “Senseless” (Feat. pH-1) (Prod. WOOGIE). After contributing to H1GHR MUSIC’s critically acclaimed label compilation album, [H1GHR : BLUE TAPE], with his single, “Swing My Way,” Phe R.E.D.S has taken time off during Covid to focus on personal wellness. In between spending time with family and friends, he has been pursuing his other lifelong dream, pilot training. Invigorated, he said “Closer” makes for a strong return. “It’s like I’ve lived a little bit of life and I can take this experience and put it into a sonic medium for people to listen to,” Phe R.E.D.S said. The single marks a new chapter and leads up to a larger project, to be released later this year. Stay tuned for more news from Phe R.E.D.S.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 19, 2022