“This old-school house on the Pirate Copy and Rowetta and their joint work in the track Flashback. Carefully crafted melody, bass line and the bright bits and magnificent vocals.”

“Настоящий old-school house от Pirate Copy и Rowetta и их совместное творчество в треке Flashback. Тщательно обработанная мелодия, яркая басовая линия и бит и умопомрачительный вокал.”

Manchester's Pirate Copy aka Lee Spence has whole-heartedly adopted the DIY approach. Yet even with a more modest perspective, Pirate Copy has earned himself a string of releases on the likes of Natural Rhythm, Kaluki Musik, Materialism, Elrow and Get Slow as well as residencies at clubbing hot spots across Europe showing the rest of the dance music landscape how a strong friendship united by a genuine passion for music can be the winning ticket for success.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 1, 2021

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