We Have Arrived by Portals is an epic cinematic synthwave endless emotive euphoria, intelligest designed and wonderful performed, a track to remember which been synced under major brands recently. No doubt the reason for the pick. Amazing music!

Few words about PORTALS:

Heather Miley, a Certified Multi-Platinum Singer Songwriter, has taken the leap into a new dimension and project far outside her typical realm in PORTALS. Miley teamed up with producer/songwriter Kris Kovacs on their debut track “Vengeance” and the results were out-of-this-world.

With “Vengeance”, PORTALS blurs the line between contemporary alt-pop music, haunting tones, electronic rock, and cinematic music. A dizzying stew of genres is blended together via Miley’s breath-taking vocals and Kovac’s emotional and dramatic tones.

According to the duo, there is a wide-range of influences for PORTALS—from Mozart to The Prodigy, with dashes of Hans Zimmer and Tom Holkenborg mixed in for good measure. Breaking out of their more traditional artist projects has been enjoyable for the uber-creative Los Angeles-Based musician.

“[PORTALS] offers a chance to blend elements of an orchestra with synths and heavy guitars,” Miley says. “I like that we can be very weird and try something that normally you wouldn't try in writing for a different artist or genre.”

Kovacs adds: “There is an element of artistic freedom in PORTALS, I find myself looking for weirder samples as starting points. An idea could come out of a single piano note trapped in reverb or an uncomfortable low drone and figuring out how can you turn that into a piece of music, and that music a song.”

Fans and film studios are quickly being drawn to the new creative lanes that Miley and Kovacs are exploring together. Disney Studios recently licensed “Vengeance” as the main song for their official Maleficent: Mistress of Evil trailer—a perfect sonic fit given that Maleficent is a powerful fairy tale with mysterious and magical energy abound.

Like a crafty witch brewing up a special potion, PORTALS looks forward to continue mixing different genres of music together.

“We want to close the gap between the experimental and the traditional with PORTALS. How far can we take the unusual? How do we shape that into something that is listenable and enjoyable?”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
July 28, 2020

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