Pueblo Vista – The Beginning Of The End (Spotify)

“Compiling Latenite Joints draws striking landscapes in our imagination. The faint rustle of vinyl under the needle, on the background of radio plays lofi hip hop, and in the legs clearly hear cat murchanie.”

“Компиляция Latenite Joints рисует поразительные пейзажи в нашем воображение. Едва уловимый шорох виниловой пластинки под иглой, на фоне играет радио lofi hip hop, а в ногах отчётливо слышится мурчание кота.”


Pueblo Vista is one of the most successful Lo-Fi labels on the globe, run by Paul Gilmore. Established in 2018 the label has been releasing music from artists all over the world, gathering a total of 115M streams and counting. It’s especially in these times of the global pandemic when people are forced to stay at home that they can find comfort in the soothing and relaxed sounds of Lo Fi Music. That’s one of the many reasons why the genre is having it’s biggest audience so far.


About the Song: The song starts with some sad and mellow piano chords that set the perfect mood for those cold and grey winter days everyone awaits in awe throughout the warmer seasons. Typical for the genre, the melodies are accompanied by a laid back, almost sloppy, drum groove that resembles the rhythm one may feel during this time of the year. A winter blues if you will.


Reviewed by Nagamag on February 14, 2021