Rachel Singh x Rakesh Chaurasia – Go Grow

“If you have ever been to a lonely, cool lake, which is hidden by nature in all people, then you will know this ghostly feeling and taste of melancholy. Minimalistic melody and angelic singing from wizards -rachel singh x rakesh chaurasia-. There are only four minutes at your disposal to comprehend all the splendor of this beautiful work.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если вы когда-либо были у одинокого, прохладного озера, которое спрятано природой в дали от всех людей, то вам будет знакомо это призрачное чувство и привкус меланхолии. Минималистичная мелодия и ангельское пение от волшебников -Rachel Singh x Rakesh Chaurasia-. В вашем распоряжении всего четыре минуты, чтобы постичь всё великолепие этого прекрасного произведения.”


Rachel Singh’s latest release “Go, Grow” is a compassionate musical expression that gently demands the drawing of a boundary necessary for personal growth, it’s a reminder that solitude is meant to be pleasant and empowering. It is the timeless request of being left with love and trust to explore one’s own individuality & the expanse of the journey forward that comes with it. This relatable longing of needing space & time to oneself is beautifully held by birdsong, earthy rhythmic progression & exploratory expansive flute played by the maestro Rakesh Chaurasia. The song leaves room for you to decide – who is this person that’s not letting go of you? Is it a lover, a friend, a sibling, or a parent? Whoever it might be for you, this song makes you feel like you’re now ready to fly.

This aural evolution was co-composed by Rachel and her Berklee roommate Pierce Leon in Boston, who weaved in the crowning b section that ties together this tranquilizing serenade. Soon to be out this Friday, 19th of November is the Music Video, an illustrative trance through watercolours by Maria Reis Rocha’s from Lisbon.

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 26, 2022