Raynald Grenier – Dolci momenti (Spotify)

“Everyone who loves Neoclassical, multilayer music will be fascinated by this sound labyrinth and get fully driven into a state of euphoria. Just close your eyes and feel how the rhythm of your heart is being accelerated in your chest!”

“Каждый, кто любит неоклассическую, многослойную музыку, будут очарованы этим звуковым лабиринтом и всецело погрузятся в состояние эйфории. Просто закройте ваши глаза и почувствуйте, как в груди ускоряется ритм вашего сердца!”


RAYNALD GRENIER is a Canadian composer. He began his musical career in the early 1980s as an accompanying pianist and, subsequently, as a conductor for various musical and vocal groups. After doing several stage performances in United States, Canada, and Europe, Raynald left the stage to specialize in musical creation and composition. Now, he has taken up the work of creating enchanting harmonies for musicals, ballets, and operas.

Raynald Grenier is a rising composer and songwriter who has unearthed his latest album ‘Beth & Noa – The Ballet’, to much critical acclaim. In this album, he delivers a storytelling experience so masterfully crafted that audiences tend to lose themselves in the act. His music has a fantastic kinetic energy, something that is separating him from others in the music industry. Inspired by Mozart and Beethoven, Raynald Grenier is currently finishing the composition of the music for his sixth album, which is scheduled for release in spring 2022, titled ‘Symphony No 1 in D minor’.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 17, 2021