Redd – Heavyweight (Spotify)

“The third in a row single Redd - Heavyweight came very emotional and very ambitious, that sets it apart from the previous work of the author. Bravo! Add in the overall obvious quality of Redd their great cover art design, something which gives more value in this so fast consuming days. ”

“Третий по счёту сингл Redd - Heavyweight вышел очень эмоциональным и весьма амбициозным, что выделяет его на фоне прошлым работ автора. Браво!”

This song features a "monster" figure that appears throughout my album, Monsters & Mothers. The song is upbeat, and folk/swing/jazz inspired. I pulled much inspiration from The Doors when composing this piece. The gist of the song is becoming stronger through downfalls and experience.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 14, 2020