brillion. – Drowsy (Video)

“Chill hop one of those genres that gently envelops you with its warm, pressed to the very core of his ardent heart, relaxes and allows escape from the vanity of vanities of the surrounding world with you. brillion. owns this style and know how to sound craft such a story, pretty obvious and from his new track Drowsy. ”

“Chillhop один из тех жанров, который бережно окутывает вас своим теплом, прижимает к самому ядру своего пламенного сердца, расслабляет и позволяет отвлечься от суеты сует окружающего нас с вами мира.”

brillion. is all about nocturnal nostalgia.
This track comes from Chilled Cow’s 2am study session.

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 14, 2020