Cam Be x Neak x Sam Trump – Right Now (Video)

“Another Hip-Hop diamond, that catches the listener’s attention right away. Time to make a short brake, sit back and relax “Right now” with Cam Be of course!”

Channelling the historic soul of Chicago greats Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway with lyrics that could easily be found among the best of Common and Kanye West catalog. Chicago emcees Cam Be and Neak, with the help of Sam Trump, provide a convincing plea to people in these times “Right Now.”

Produced by Cam Be & INTLMC
Lyrics by Cam Be, Neak, Sam Trump
Lead Vocals by Cam Be, Neak, Sam Trump
Backup Vocals by Sam Trump
Drum Programming by INTLMC
Rhodes by Charlie Coffin
Trumpet by Sam Trump
Bass by Joshua Griffin
Conga & Percussion by Chris Paquette
Snaps by Cam Be
Mixed by Sean Owens

Reviewed by Nagamag on December 15, 2020