Remi Goode – Fairytale Embrace (Spotify)

“Plenitive vocals from a parallel universe, special vibrations of acoustic music and fabulous embrace from "Remi Goode". Relaxing result, which can soothe your soul and heal every wound. It definitely and unconditionally goes to your sound collection!”

“Пленительный вокал из параллельной вселенной, внеземные вибрации акустической музыки и сказочные объятия -Remi Goode-. Музыка для релакса, успокаивающая душу и залечивающая любые раны. Однозначно и безоговорочно – в коллекцию! ”

Fairytale Embrace is an introspective song that highlights the differences between the real and the imaginary. Partially inspired by a sculpture of two figures by the French artist, Rodin, called “Eternal Springtime,” the lyrics explore the tension between two people viewing the sculpture and how someone’s perception differs from one’s self-image.

Remi Goode is a trained classical guitarist and choral singer turned alternative folk/pop singer-songwriter. Singing and playing 80’s contemporary folk music since the age of eight, the 22-year-old artist has an old soul and a tendency to keep it simple. Remi embraces the diversity of her influences and asserts her originality by writing with honesty and introspection. She leans into the contradictions between unedited emotion and constant rationalization, walking the line between classical complexity and humble folk tunes. Although Remi released an EP, Muziek, at age 16, she is currently working on independently recording and releasing her first full-length album, which represents the artist she has become. She values collaboration highly, completing the entire project with the help of her band in Tempe, AZ. Her longtime musical partner and producer, Gabe Lehrer, has been there for every step of the way since age 13. Remi’s debut album, Don’t Drive Me Home, is expected in fall 2022.

Reviewed by Nagamag on February 18, 2022