Richard E. Brown x Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava – Paisano Suite: Berceuse

“A gentle Cinematic piece is out by Richard Brown and ready to add its colour in your music palette. Sound based on orchestration, while balancing between imagination and reality. Smooth progression and unique touch for your ears guaranteed.”

With VOICES OF NIGHT, composer Richard E Brown introduces a formidable set of works to American orchestral repertoire. His lush orchestration gives his works depth and texture, while individual instruments cut through to create musical narratives that whisk listeners through lyrical passages and dancelike rhythms. While his pieces thrive on the suspenseful and dramatic, they are by no means a pure emotional onslaught—for every build and crescendo, Brown returns to calmness and simplicity. His ability to wrest control of the orchestra from rafter-shaking crests to gentle melodies provides each piece with breathing room, making them all the more powerful.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 27, 2022