Bayku x M.anifest – Sake Of Money

“Dope beat with a characteristic sound that slaps that fat basslines to a deep groove. It's hypnotic to an extent with the background carousel sound. Tight lyrics keep this one flowing easy. Excellent production with a quality crew behind the scenes. ”

Off the the shoulders of the radio banger ‘The Gamble’, and following a brief hiatus for which he claims “reflection was needed”, Bayku is back with the first official single "Sake Of Money" from his forthcoming album “Warrior King”.

Featuring his partner in rhyme, the GOD MC M.anifest, “Sake Of Money” is a club thumping ode to the struggle we all face between chasing money, and freeing ourselves from the rat race. Produced by frequent collaborator Mike Millz On Em, the record begins with ghoulish horror movie sounding piano riffs, quickly joined by the chorus, a bellowing baritone voice proclaiming “Big Man Dey Chop…Real Man Dey Chalk”. Bayku’s melodic African/Soul style of word play, joined by the 808 drums sets the energy levels of the record to frenzy.

M.anifest on the second verse shows again why he’s one of Africa’s favorites, confessing “Get the bag feel invincible,... for the bag throw away wanna principles”. A conundrum yes, but one I bet any listener can not resist bopping to. A record you can expect to hear in the cars, the clubs, the markets, and on all the devices, ‘Sake Of Money’ feels designed to leave one salivating for what is to come from “Warrior King”.

When asked what he hoped to achieve with this single, Bayku’s reply was simple. “Set the tone.”

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 27, 2022