“100% ambient atmosphere, chillstep rhythms, ethereal vocal samples and traditional Japanese instruments. All the above define -Changes-, a memorable journey into the fantasy worlds created by -Rodrigo Rodriguez-.”

“Вязкая атмосфера ambient, ритмы chillstep, неземные вокальные семплы и традиционные японские инструменты. -Changes (Ambient & Shakuhachi)- запоминающееся путешествие в фантастические миры созданные -Rodrigo Rodriguez-. ”

International known Shakuhachi player, composer and musical producer born in 1978 Argentina, but grew up in Spain. His music is classified as Ambient, New Age music or World Music.

He studied classical and traditional Japanese music with the renowned master of shakuhachi Miyata Kohachiro in Tokyo and in the International Shakuhachi Kenshu-kan School.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 4, 2021

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