“-Circles- is a completely different single. Its very special atmosphere is saturated with pressure, increasing power and energy. All this seasoned Trip-hop and Downtempo's rhythms carry the effect of night ecstasy on wildlife under blinding stars.”

“-Circles- несёт совершенно иную, особую атмосферу, насыщенную напором, нарастающей мощностью и энергией. Всё это приправлено ритмами Trip-Hop и Downtempo и эффектом ночного экстаза на живой природе под ослепляющими звёздами.”


Rohne shares his fourth single of 2021, "Circles" - An eclectic palette of harp, chopped vocals, warm piano chords, pulsing synths, and sampled drum breaks. The intimate yet driving sound seems to act as a subtle departure from his debut work, and further cementing his love of combining digital and organic elements.

Stream/download link here: ffm.to/rohne-circles