Sarah Reiwitch – Daydreaming Again (Video)

“No place here for a basic strumming, or even standard finger-picking. Sarah’s pleasantly ringing creativity when playing the acoustic guitar is a breath of fresh air. The creativity overflows into perfectly placed chimes & other manner of musical alchemy. Did I mention the vocals? I’m searching for a word and I think that word has to be…. Perfection.”

The song will make you feel dreamy with its delicate chimes and choruses of multiple layered vocal harmonies, I was inspired to write it after seeing leaves dance in the breeze behind my bedroom blinds and while contemplating a complicated relationship and a new job that was about to start. I hope you like it! Thanks for listening.

Sarah writes folk-inspired tunes with heartfelt vocals on her acoustic guitar. She’s inspired to create songs by all the moments of joy, ecstasy, heartbreak, and grief that she passes through. She draws from her varied background of musical influences, from 70s folk/rock to modern indie-folk to several styles of Brazilian music. She is often likened to Joni Mitchell for her exploratory guitar style, alternative tunings, soulful vocals, and intensely personal lyrics. In addition to Joni, Sarah cites Adrianne Lenker, Brandi Carlile, and Cássia Eller as artists she resonates with.

Sarah is a multi-instrumentalist who creates music on the piano and acoustic guitar, then layers on other instruments. She has a background in Brazilian percussion and dance, which she studied for nearly a decade, and is a published poet.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 20, 2021