Scoobert Doobert – Who Am I Really Fooling Anyway

“Delicate and thoughtful all set to a chill fuzzed out beat. We dig the natural basslines in the background and the light snaps that pull us closer in. Presenting a reality we can all relate to. ”

San Diego based Scoobert Doobert is currently producing the upcoming collaboration between Japanese actor and pop star Shingo Murakami of the idol group Kanjani Eight and the J-Pop band CHAI. His recent rapid ascent as an in-demand producer and collaborator inspired his newest single “Who Am I ReallyFooling Anyway” which in his patented chill pop style addresses his nascent yet quickly sprouting success. Exploring the sense of an imposter syndrome, he resolves to just relax and enjoy the ride.

Reviewed by Nagamag on May 29, 2022