Sharon Ruchman, Sonoro – Lucent (Spotify)

“Such music is literally delicious, soothing elixir and capable of filling your soul with its energy. Unsettled, unbreakable classics, listen to what enriches your innermost peace. Paints become brighter, the body is filled with a lively force and retreat all the ailments.”

“Подобная музыка словно вкусный, успокаивающий эликсир и способна наполнить душевный сосуд своей энергетикой. Нестареющая, незыблемая классика, слушая которую обогащаешь свой внутренний мир. Краски становятся ярче, тело наполняется живительной силой и отступают все недуги.”

Lucent is a cinematic and melodic piece, offering many shades of color. The strings express emotion and intimacy and pull at your heartstrings.

"When I composed it, I envisioned a calm setting, and whatever that is may be different for each listener. My hope is that it relaxes you and transports you to another place, perhaps floating on the water or on a cloud, away from the realities of everyday life."

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 20, 2021