Nina Schofield – Who Is She? (Video)

“Virtuoso, interesting and very atmospheric. In places, there is a feeling of full improvisation, which makes everyone happy. Variety of instrumental composition, etiquette and enchanting vocals from -Nina Schofield-. Great energetic music, to fix your mood!”

“Виртуозно, интересно и очень атмосферно. Местами, возникает ощущение полной импровизации, что весьма радует слух. Разнообразие инструментальной составляющей, поэтичности и очаровательный вокал -Nina Schofield-. Очень энергичная музыка, посыл которой вдохновлять и поднимать настроение!”

Following the release of her last single ‘Not Perfect Now’ in January this year, Nina Schofield returns with a brand new punchy, synth-pop number ‘Who Is She’ due this Autumn.

Detailing the fallout of a partner cheating in a relationship, ‘Who Is She’ fuses Nina’s hazy layered vocal effects, over a thumping bass line and emotive lyrics that builds momentum into a soaring chorus of heartache and confusion.

Nina says: “’Who Is She’ was a really unique writing experience for me because I started out with a sample synth and didn’t have a clear idea of where the song would go. This one sample triggered a thousand ideas in my head and I quickly created the initial production for the track which left room for the melody to evolve. I began thinking about how I would react to losing trust in a relationship and all the ways I’d process that and pretty soon the lyrics and the melody began to form side by side. This isn’t a situation I’ve been through personally but I’ve seen my friends go through similar heartache and I couldn’t help but want to write about it and try and understand and process the emotion. Matthew Fisher then came on board and helped bring the finished song to life – it was really fun approaching songwriting and production in a completely different way as it’s super important to me to keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone when it comes to writing songs.”

For those of you still unsure of Nina Schofield’s credentials, here’s a reminder…with an 100,000 strong audience on her Youtube channel, a no.4 iTunes singer/songwriter chart hit, nominations for Best Female Artist on both sides of the Atlantic (Best of British Music Awards and the Hollywood Music in Media Awards), live appearances at the Montreux Jazz Festival, sold out tours across the UK supporting the likes of Nell Bryden and BBC show winning band Sons of Pitches, co writing and featuring on the electronic hit ‘Lift You Up’ with Aurosonic & Frainbreeze, being head hunted by Dutch Pop/R&B band Romeo to join them on their sell out come-back show and a number 1 dance record in Slovakia with Vintage and Morelli.

Added to which, she co-wrote and co-worked with Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe winners and nominees with a striking list of names such as Morrisey’s Richard Niles, Gabrielle Aplin’s Tom Wilding and Tina Turner’s Steve DuBerry. Her single ‘Imaginary Love’ was chosen as Record Of The Day and supported by BBC radio stations across the UK. Top that off with a highly acclaimed single ‘My Life’ written in Stockholm with FMLY STHLM (Robyn/One Direction) and the release of her follow up singles ‘Thriving’ and ‘Ghost’ and it’s clear to see you have a recipe for pop success.

2019 saw the release of Nina’s song ‘The Gift’ which resulted in her featured live performance in the BBC Richard Gere drama ‘MotherFatherSon’ which has since been broadcast globally. Nina’s focus now remains on her writing, producing and Youtube career as well as continuing her work with chart toppers all over the world.

Reviewed by Nagamag on October 20, 2021