Sïan Able – It Wasn’t Your Fault

“The fresh single of "Sïan Able" has come to inspire and support every broken heart. Electro Pop sound with invigorating properties and the most suitable lyrics to lift up your mood. The artist makes her debut with this release and seems that nothing can stop its success.”


IT WASN’T YOUR FAULT is the very last song written by SÏAN ABLE, yet her first single released.

Setting the tone of her upcoming album, this song is about overcoming trauma and

inspiring women to become the fierce queens they are meant to be. Hoping to have an impact on women empowerment, it reminds you that you are here to create something powerful, all it takes is to focus on your future. The piano solo is overwhelmed with emotions, and the rhythms and sound design helps you find the motivation to transform the struggles of life.


Reviewed by Nagamag on April 3, 2022