Vincent McDowell – The Host (feat. Iva Rii)

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Very filigree work with a track structure, none of the sound elements outweighs in one direction or another. The perfect balance between the rhythm and the Future Bass and Chillstep melody, vocal and the semantic lyrical promise are preserved. The atmospheric of the track is simply offshore!”

“Очень филигранная работа со структурой трека, ни один из звуковых элементов не перевешивает в ту или иную сторону. Сохранён идеальный баланс между ритмом и мелодией Future Bass и Chillstep, вокалом и смысловым лирическим посылом. Атмосферность трека просто зашкаливает!”

Inspired by its namesake, Stephanie Meyer’s “The Host” is a post-apocalyptic story in which Earth has been colonized by an alien race called Souls. The Souls wipe out the minds of humans, turning their bodies into hosts for these interstellar travelers. In this world, a resilient young woman finds the strength to fight back from within. Eventually leading to an understanding and friendship of the two beings occupying the same body.

One might choose to interpret this as a conversation within. The struggle of learning and accepting another side of oneself

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 3, 2022