Val Thomas – Last Drop

“”Last Drop” brings in mind intimate moments of change. Nothing stays still in this life and we should always be ready for something new. Concentrate on these expressive vocals mixed with acoustic guitar notes and find out your way.”

Last Drop was produced at Montreal’s legendary Breakglass Studio on analogue gear with producer Jace Lasek (Besnard Lakes, Patrick Watson…) and Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers) on back vocals. Last Drop is about being ready for change, for a shift. There is a strong emotion of resolve that translates into a classic folk tune supported by trailblazers Jace Lasek and Brad Barr from the heart of Montreal’s folk scene.

Last Drop is a stripped down singer-songwriter confession and plea for change; a sentiment that resonates with our times. The song was written in one sitting and was then recorded as a one-take in studio with Jace Lasek who invited Brad Barr (The Barr Brothers), to put back vocals, giving the song depth and dimension. The video was created in the same spirit, as an improvised dance on a one-take shot. Val interpreted the song in movement without any touch ups. Nothing too tampered with; a raw expression of needing to move to a new horizon and back to the heart of what matters, invoking some kind of healing. Last Drop will be out now on all digital platforms.

Reviewed by Nagamag on April 3, 2022