Side By Side (One For All And All For One) – Project United – A Song For The World – Corona-Crisis (Video)

“The song Side By Side has already turned 30 long years and today, in this difficult time for each of us, with the support of 70 musicians from all over Europe, it is reviving in our hearts. We are not alone. We are together.”

“Песне Side By Side уже исполнилось 30 долгих лет и сегодня, в это нелёгкое для каждого из нас время, при поддержке 70 музыкантов со всей европы, она возрождается в наших сердцах. Мы не одиноки. Мы вместе.”

“Side By Side” is performed by 70 musicians from all over Europe. From Portugal to Lithuania, from Ukraine to Italy, from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea and from Berlin to Vienna: Corona may force us into isolation – but we are not alone.

The video to the song was shown in tv-stations in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and Spain. The ARD named it an “Anthem for unity”. Also many radiostations had the track in their rotation.

Reviewed by Nagamag on January 11, 2021