Sierra Bohnet – Machine (Video)

This single has a big industrial beat with a droning bass throughout. There are layers spun layers of harmonies and backing vocals, as well as a catchy melody. This song is about someone who is coming out of a dark time of their life. The metaphor is a “machine coming back to life”, like the gears start spinning again.

Few words about Sierra Bohnet:
American singer/songwriter/producer Sierra Bohnet performs progressive pop music, emphasizing lush, layered vocal harmonies, heavy synth melodies, and a wide mix of percussions/world beats. In many of her songs, she strives for an epic feel; where her high vocals carry an emotional, electronic symphony. Her inspirations include Aurora, Grimes, Banks, Scott, Allie X, Two Feet, and Cautious Clay.

Sierra Bohnet started writing music as the age of 9, in Truckee California, and has been developing original music ever since. She was fortunate to train for years with a vocal coach who fed her passion for writing and recording music. She launched her first single “Reflection” at the age of 16 and followed that up with new singles each year. She continued to develop her sound, and found a passion for producing her own music while studying at Berklee College of music. In May 2020, Sierra launched her debut EP, Eradøn, with six songs, each of which she wrote, performed, and produced. Ëradøn is the combination of two words – “era” and “done” to signify the end of an era in her life; a sort of rebirth.

While she considers voice to be her primary instrument, Sierra is also a classically trained flautist and a jazz saxophonist. She is self-taught on the piano and ukulele, which she often uses when writing music.

When not making music, Sierra loves goofing off, not taking the world too seriously, and being just crazy enough to help make this world more sane.

Reviewed by Nagamag on August 16, 2020