Sin Cos Tan – More Than I Can Love

“In this Synthpop track, many of you will meet the familiar sounds of the old synthesizers of the 80s, with which -sin cos tan synthesized such a tube track and made it possible to make a time jump.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом Synthpop треке многие из вас встретят знакомые звуки старых синтезаторов 80-ых годов, с помощью которых -Sin Cos Tan- синтезировал такой ламповый трек и дал возможность совершить прыжок во времени. ”

”You Again” was the first single taken from the forthcoming Sin Cos Tan album “Living in Fear” and this second single “More Than I Can Love” is a lighthearted burst of energy to kickstart your summer too. Bouncy basslines and a catchy chorus – what more could you ask for?

Finland’s leading electropop duo Sin Cos Tan – comprising of singer-songwriter Juho Paalosmaa and artist/producer Jori Hulkkonen – is releasing its highly anticipated LP after a long hiatus. “You Again” is the first single from their upcoming fourth album.

On their next album “Living in Fear”, the band unleashes its uncompromising sound and energy for a world dealing with chaos and fear. The result is a gem of timeless pop music that proves the duo to be at the peak of their creative powers. Do you fear the dark, love, war, or yourself? Whatever the answer, you can be certain:

Fear is a powerful thing.

Reviewed by Nagamag on July 23, 2022