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Melody with a shade of mysticism, for the amazing beauty of the vocals here sounds such a stunning challenge that it’s just a pleasure to listen and enjoy. Music that can be admired to infinity. Meditation in your original form!”

“Мелодия с оттенком мистицизма, ибо удивительной красоты вокал здесь звучит таким потрясающим тембром, что просто одно удовольствие слушать и наслаждаться. Музыка, которой можно восхищаться до бесконечности. Медитация в своём первозданном виде!”


Another powerful, transcendent song from Snatam! Sung in the sacred language of Gumukhi, the words Ang Sang Waaheguru mean, “In every cell and every limb and every fiber is the miracle of the Divine.” Deep and transcendent, the track begins with Snatam devotedly singing a poem by Guru Arjan that describes how to approach the mantra to come to a place of profound harmony and happiness. The music swells at 3:15, as the track grows into a spirited rendition of the mantra, underscored by exquisite tabla rhythms.

The world-renowned, devotional singer, musician, teacher, and author is known for her stirring, luminous voice and insightful Kundalini Yoga teachings. “Ang Sang Waaheguru”, out on Be Why Music, the track is from Snatam’s upcoming album Nirankaar, out May 13.

Snatam Kaur will embark on her Into the Light Tour in May with summer concert dates across Europe, the UK, and Israel. The tour corresponds to the release of Snatam’s 16th major album, Nirankaar, and a new Mantra and Meditation workshop series she is teaching live during the tour on Kirtan and Kundalini, her online school, and on YouTube. Snatam’s touring band includes Ram Dass (piano and vocals), Grecco Buratto (guitar and vocals), and Sukhmani, (percussion and vocals), the same extraordinary musicians who collaborated with her on Nirankaar.

An alternate version of the single will be released as a companion track on April 8, the third in Snatam’s newly launched music library, Mantra and Meditation, for students and practitioners. “Ang Sang Waaheguru Meditation” is for meditative chanting of this mantra. Snatam will teach an online workshop on the deeper meanings of this transformative mantra on April 13 at 1pm Eastern in her school of sacred music and yoga, Kirtan and Kundalini. For more information and registration, visit www.kirtanandkundalini.com/booking-calendar/mantra-meditation-1.

Snatam has also released singles “Soul Prayer” and “Akaal” off her album Nirankaar.